St Luke’s, Isle of Dogs, for The London Diocesan Fund

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Long overdue replacement of a derelict church with a modern building for the community



What is our role?

Project Manager

What sort of scheme?

The replacement of a very tired church on the Isle of Dogs with a modern place of worship combined with community space.  The project includes 9 flats for sale which will be sold to help fund the overall scheme.

Although the idea for the redevelopment of this church started as far back as 2006, the project faltered in 2014 when a preferred contractor was identified but the costs were too high for the scheme to progress.  Academy Consulting was appointed as Project Managers to reinvigorate the Team and drive the project forward and through to construction.

Changes to the consultant team were made and we carried out a comprehensive Value Engineering exercise  which reduced the £4.5m contract cost to an affordable £3.7m. The new scheme has been approved by the end users as well as the planners and has recently received  funding approval to enter into contract for a start on site in February 2016.

What’s interesting?

The new church will serve one of the largest parishes in London, providing weekly services as well as community activities.