The Academy Way

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Always seeking a better way of doing things, to keep our clients and staff happy, we carried out a survey to understand what people like about Academy and, more importantly, what we need to improve. This is what we found out:

1. Our clients are happy!

We were delighted to find that 100% of clients surveyed think we are ‘friendly, good people to work with’ and 100% said they would definitely recommend us. Our clients scored us as either Excellent or Very Good for:

  • Trust and integrity
  • Availability of individuals
  • Understanding needs
  • Simplicity of explanations
  • Communication and keeping the clients informed


Academy have always conducted themselves in a professional and efficient manner considering their Client’s interests first in achieving their agreed instruction.

Richard Collins, Director – Real Estate Project Management, Aviva


2. Our staff are happy too!

This is so important to us – did you know that happy staff are more productive and also more likely to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems day after day?

Some of the comments collected from our team include:

“I love the hands on approach of working for Academy.”
“It’s great my skills and experience are being used to take the business forward.”
“I feel privileged to be working for a very thorough and detail driven company which is well respected by its clients.”
“Flexibility, thoroughness and integrity – three core elements.”
“Launching the ‘Academy Way’ to underpin our approach of doing things and be even better at what we do.”

3. We deliver

fter collecting this feedback, we have embraced a focused approach ensuring we continue to deliver high quality services to our clients. We have called this approach the Academy Way and it brings together our strengths in terms of: Project Management, Cost Consultancy and Health and Safety across a wide range of sectors: Residential, Commercial, Retail, Heritage, Education, Healthcare, Hotel & Leisure, Community and Infrastructure.

We focus on how we:

Consult – Listen and understand our clients’ issues.
Solve – Use our experience, knowledge and processes to devise a solution.
Deliver – Offer a value for money service that our clients can trust.

Discover the Academy Way for yourself by contacting us for a chat about how we can help you and your team with your project.