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You will find that we offer so much more than other consultancies - and we can prove it.

All that we do, from the way we communicate with clients to the methodology we apply to our processes, is encompassed in what we call

The Academy Way.

More than just an ethos, The Academy Way reflects not only our aim of always providing an exemplary service, but also our vision for a better, more transparent construction industry.


Excellent Communication

The key to any successful project is consistent, clear communication. We ensure that we are responsive and easy to reach, and that our clients have easy access to the "big picture".  Our directors are involved from the outset and ensure our teams deliver a quality service. We do what we say we will. 


Quality of Service

Our team has a broad range of expertise across multiple sectors within the construction industry so there is little that we haven't seen before. Whatever difficulties arise throughout a project, you can be confident that we will have solutions. We have spent over 23 years developing and refining a rigorous quality assurance process that allows us to fulfil the requirements and aspirations of every client.


Value for money

Whatever the size and type of project, our extensive network and multi-disciplinary experience gives us great insight into where cost savings and efficiencies can be made. Our resourcefulness gives valuable insight into where economies can be made. 



Adaptability is a big part of our DNA: we base our work around a tried and tested approach, but always think laterally, looking for creative solutions to all common and uncommon challenges.

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